Shawn Williams

21 Feb

Shawn is a missionary headed to India to minister for at least 18 months. Here’s the story.

Joani Webster

14 Feb

Joani Webster of OKDHS talks about why a child might be placed in out of home care.

Marq Youngblood Part 2

8 Feb

Marq Youngblood, COO at OKDHS talks about the state of foster care and adoption in the state of Oklahoma.

Deborah Smith

25 Jan

Deborah Smith talks about her role as Director of Child and Family Services for DHSOK.

Mike Rusch

17 Jan

Mike Rusch talks about adoption and the church’s role in the continuum.

Marq Youngblood

4 Jan

COO of OKDHS Marq Youngblood shares a bit about his role at DHS, and the need for the church to step up in the area of vulnerable children.


The Bottomlys

9 Nov

We are continuing our focus on foster care and adoption this month by telling Josh and Amy Bottomly’s story. After you watch, check out their blog here.