Archive | June, 2009

Hope Chest

26 Jun

This week, we journey with Cissa Newberry as she tells about the origins, hopes, and dreams of Hope Chest, a local non-profit resourcing the residents of the Tapestry Project, as well as others in the metro area.


Becky Estes

20 Jun

In this week’s video, we sit down with Beck Estes and talk about how she uses her job as a salon stylist to reach out to people every day.

Amy Newberry’s Story

14 Jun

Amy Newberry shares about how the unique challenges she faced growing up have allowed her to be used by God in ways she never could have imagined.

Cross and Crown Mission

7 Jun

This week, Ron Crawford of Cross and Crown mission shares the hopes, dreams, and goals of Cross and Crown, as well as how it got started.