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Joe’s Addiction

21 Sep

This week we sat down with Jamie Zumwalt, who helps run Joe’s Addiction, a coffee shop in Valley Brook, OKC.

As Jamie explains, Valley Brook is its own municipality  within Oklahoma City because its zoning laws allow it to be the only city in Oklahoma that allows for full nudity in strip clubs.

The sex industry is this small area’s only industry. Joe’s Addiction exists to love the members of this community and offer them hope.

Check out the story here.


Medicine For the Uninsured

13 Sep

Today we learned about Robert, a doctor in Tennessee who left his high paying job as an emergency room doctor in order to start a clinic for the uninsured.

You can hear his story here.

What you may not know is that there are several folks here in Oklahoma City who have done the same thing.

We hope to soon share their stories here on the Missional Living Blog, but until then, here is a partial list of these organizations along with contact information. If you feel led to volunteer as a medical professional or student, or as anything else, please contact any of these ministries and get started right away.

Reaching Our City:

Ken Couchman

Assistant Director

440-9994 x108

Good Shepherd @ FBC OKC:

Offering Medical, Dental, and pharmaceutical services

Dr. Stan Corley


Crossings Community Clinic:

Offering full service medical, dental, and eye care by appoinment:


or call Pam at 302-1267 to volunteer

King’s Klinic

Offering medical care to the uninsured:

Located in the North Highlands area on Britton

contact to volunteer your services.

Neighbordhood Services Organization:

Offering dental care on SW 11th st

Call 236-0413 to get involved, or visit

Cross and Crown Mission

Offering services at1008 N. McKinley

Contact Ron Crawford at 405-23-CROWN to get involved