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Advent Conspiracy 2009 pt. 1

30 Nov

This year at Skyline, we have decided upon a difficult and worthwhile goal.

We want to drill 2000 wells in Africa and provide clean water for over 250,000 people.

It will cost us, as a community, about $60,000.

But how, specifically, will the wells be drilled and operated once we raise the funds?

This week, Dick Greenly of Pumps of Oklahoma tells us about a revolutionary new pump that he and a friend invented that could very well change the world water crisis forever.

Welcome to the Advent Conspiracy 2009.


Shop Good

24 Nov

Our friends, Justin and Audrey Faulk run a clothing shop in the Plaza District of Oklahoma City.

It’s called Shop Good, because every purchase made in the store will help benefit a global justice oriented non-profit organization.

This holiday season, stop by Shop Good between 1 and 6 p.m. during the week and do the world some good. They are located on NW 16th and Blackwelder.

Skyline Urban Ministry, McKee Center

18 Nov

This week we continue celebrating the story of Skyline Urban Ministry.

At the McKee Center in south Oklahoma City, Skyline Urban Ministry is impacting the community by offering a gathering place for senior citizens, as well as a clothes pantry including assistance with public school uniforms and wedding/formal wear.

Tree Currier again shares about these wonderful ministries, as well as gives us a glimpse into how she became involved with Skyline Urban.

In their own words, Skyline Urban exists to “build mutually empowering relationships with those in need; call the systems of society to justice; and mobilize the power of the church towards eradicating poverty in Oklahoma City.”

Find out how to get involved here.

Skyline Urban Ministry

2 Nov

This week we celebrate the story of Skyline Urban Ministry.

Tree Currier tells us about one facet of Skyline Urban: the daily food pantry.

Check out the story and then visit Skyline Urban’s website to learn about all of the wonderful things they do in Oklahoma City.