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The Pershing Center

18 Jan

This week we got to sit down with Larry Bross from City Care’s Pershing Center.

Opened in 2003, The Pershing program is a “back-to-work” program designed to provide a supportive community environment that assists individuals in their efforts to transition from dependent to independent living.

The program takes a holistic approach to helping each person achieve his full potential and sustaining the individual’s commitment toward self-sufficiency.

To learn more about the Pershing Center, watch this video and then go here.


All Things New- Human Trafficking

11 Jan

In the world today, there are over 27 million slaves. Many of these slaves are children who have been sold into the sex trade industry and are forced to prostitute themselves as early as 11 years old.

This horrific practice is called human trafficking.

One’s initial assumption might be that this practice only takes place in developing nations. This week we talk with Linda Caswell of the All Things New campaign, who posits that this is not so. Human trafficking is abundant in the U.S., and even in Oklahoma.

Where Are These Statistics Coming From?

Good question. Most statistics were from the State Department’s 2007 Trafficking In Persons (TIP) report. A quick fact sheet can be found here.

How Can I Help?

GREAT question. If you want to join in the fight against human trafficking in Oklahoma, please visit the All Things New website and contact Linda there. There is much to do.