Archive | May, 2010

Leonie Webster

24 May

This week we celebrate the story of Yorkshire born missionary to Honduras, Leonie Webster. Her efforts to move orphans into adoptive homes is incredible.


Deb Shropshire

17 May

This week we sat down with Deb Shropshire, who is the head of Pediatrics for DHS Oklahoma. Deb’s tireless work is making earth more like heaven every day. Check it out.

Kristi and Dennsecia

14 May

Check out this story about two friends who discovered what happens when a God uses a talent to meet someone’s need.

The Ulloms

13 May

Our mother’s day guest speaker, Sandy Ullom, and her husband Justin share about adopting four boys into their family.

Eric and Tara

7 May

This week we celebrate the story of Eric, Tara, and their son Malak, who they adopted.